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Terms & Conditions

Direct Debit: Terms and Conditions

We agree to be bound by this agreement when we receive your Direct Debit details complete with the particulars we need to draw an amount under it. 2. We only draw money out of your account in accordance with the terms of your agreement with the Company. 3. On giving you at least 14 days’ notice, we may: Change our procedures in this agreement; Change the terms of your Direct Debit; or Cancel your Direct Debit. 4. When contacting us, you may ask us to cancel your Direct Debit. Please be aware that if direct debit or card charge is required for your service and you ask to cancel or vary the terms of your Direct Debit, this may also involve cancellation of your service with us (and may result in costs and charges). 5. You may dispute any amount we draw under Direct Debit by contacting us, detailing your customer reference details and your bank account or credit card number as applicable. You must provide a detailed explanation of the basis for the dispute to assist in a resolution. 6. We deal with any dispute by the following procedure: We will investigate the dispute, and where necessary you are expected to provide your cooperation. This cooperation may include contacting your bank, providing account statements, or other means of substantiating a dispute. While a dispute is being investigated, you may request that we suspend pending payments until a resolution is reached. Please note that we will keep written record of dispute proceedings to assist in dispute resolution 7. If the day on which you must make any payment to us is not a business day, we will draw on your account under your Direct Debit on the following business day. If your financial institution rejects any of our attempts to draw an amount in accordance with your Direct Debit, we may continue to seek that payment and recoupment of any fees incurred by us as a consequence of that rejection until all amounts due are paid. 8. We will not disclose to any person any information you give us on your Direct Debit, which is not publicly available, unless you dispute any amount we draw under your Direct Debit and we need to disclose any information relating to your Direct Debit or to you or your financial institution to resolve the dispute. 9. To contact us in accordance with the above, please use the contact details available on our website by clicking on the link “Contact Us”.

Privacy and Spam

We will collect personal information about you or information about your company, including but not limited to your electronic contact details such as email address and telephone numbers for the purpose of administering the services for which you apply, and as set out in our privacy policy, which is available on this website.

Credit checks

Prior to accepting your application, you have provided to us all information relevant to our assessment of your credit rating. You consent and acknowledge that you: Understand that the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) allows us to give a credit reporting agency certain personal information about you; The information we disclose to a credit reporting agency includes 60 days overdue and for which debt collection action has started, information that in our opinion you have acted fraudulently or shown an intention not to comply with your credit obligations, and cheques drawn by you for $100 or more which have been dishonoured more than once; Agree to our obtaining from a credit reporting agency a credit report containing information about your personal credit worthiness for purposes of assessing your application and assisting in collecting overdue payments, and to our obtaining information about your commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness from any business which provides information about the commercial credit worthiness of persons, your accountant or any other supplier to you; Agree to our giving to and obtaining from any credit provider named in your application or in a credit report on you issued by a credit reporting agency, information about your credit arrangements for the purpose of assessing your application, notifying a default by you, allowing another credit provider to ascertain the status of your arrangements with us where you are in default with one or more other credit providers and generally assessing your credit worthiness; and Understand the information exchanged can include any information about your business, personal and/or commercial credit worthiness, credit history or credit capacity which the Privacy Act allows credit providers to give to or receive from each other.


I have read and understood Peninsula Telecom’s (36 141 459 574) Standard Form of Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. I understand that all bills are delivered by email delivery and that Direct Debit from either a bank account or credit card is required.